Jewellery in damascus titanium: hi-tech, light and hypoallergenic.

Jewellery in damascus titanium: hi-tech, light and hypoallergenic. Hi-Tech The hi-tech forging of titanium damascus is an extremely difficult and rare technique. Very few artists in the world know how to work this special damascus titanium that oxidizes in rainbow lines. Valter Fornasier Design is the first company in the world to offer an ample online catalog of hypoallergenic jewellery in damascus titanium. Light, young, and care-free A young and light-hearted line of jewellery; the thermal treatments given to the damascus titanium leave colourful, iris-like streaks. The titanium also offers the quality of strength similar to that of steel, but with a weight that is slightly higher than that of aluminum. It is completely hypoallergenic as well.

Jewellery in damascus titanium
From each damascus titanium billet created we obtain a variable number of jewels, from one to forty, according to the type of jewellery, as is indicated in the relative model number section. The model number indicates the specific damascus jewel that you are observing, the sectioning of the billet into individual pieces makes sure that each jewel is a unique, single copy albeit inspired by the same weaved damascus