Quaint elegance found in the simplicity of the lines and the delicate arrangement and balanced contrast of the tones.

Extremely modern elegance as a result of the technique used in forging the damascus steel billets and in the crafting of each single item. Currently we have 10 different textures of damascus inox available to satisfy the most simple or complex tastes. A variable number of jewels are obtained from each steel billet created, such is indicated in the relative model number section. The third section of the model number indicates the specific damascus jewel that you are observing, the sectioning of the billet into individual pieces makes sure that each jewel is a unique, single copy albeit inspired by the same weaved damascus.

We use exclusively stainless steel, "AISI 304" and "AISI 420 B”, which adhere to the Allergy-Free categories approved for direct contact with skin..