I was born in 1960 in a small town on the Piave River in Veneto, Italy. From a very young age I took an interest in the tools my father used to forge metals: carbon forging, and gasification. I continued to develop those skills in the classroom and even more so in the garage. Iron carpentry has started to leave behind the old, previously upheld methods; if the forges are still operating, the gasifier has given way to the acetylene cylinders. I didn’t start my official carrier in my dad’s garage, but instead by collaborating with other local garages where different masters from the Toni Benetton school would perfect the art of forging. Some years later I started a new entrepreneurial project with my father, appropriately a functioning, up-to-date blacksmith garage. Curiosity and an insatiable desire to learn pushed me to experiment with various forging techniques, among which was welding metals by boiling: a particular technique that brings expression to the damascus titanium, and which was also actually used above all else for forging weapons - mostly knives and swords. In 2010, after many delusions and failed attempts, finally the first compact and workable package was produced by my blacksmith shop. From that moment on, in little time I ran all the stops, from the simple multi-streak to the refined feather. The quality of my work was so high that many among the esteemed Italian knife-makers started using my techniques for their creations. Encouraged by the success that I had gained, I continued experimenting with new alloys and materials: from the classic damascus, obtained with carbon steel, passing on to stainless steel, then onward to titanium, and then obtaining the damascus titanium. The last mentioned results guided me to a final destination that differs from the classic use of these materials and these techniques guns and knives. From there I went on to produce my first pendants, then later rings and brackets, and even more recently, earrings. So I have come to compare myself with other designers and metal crafters that create wearable accessories, also thanks to Facebook, and groups dedicated to jewellery, even starting an active collaboration with Laura Magro and the artisan Umberto Satori.


….a new adventure is just starting and the first fruits are already here.